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The 2014 CSA registration is open! Register here or manage your account

We are very excited to have added a market-style CSA option at the farm stand!

Go to our FAQ page for answers to questions like these: 

What is a CSA and why should I participate? 

How does the CSA work?

What is a market style CSA?

2014 CSA Details

Main Season Share

22 weeks, every week, June - October

Regular Share - $615  ($595 by if paid in full by April 1st)

Partial Share - $400


Winter Season Share

7 weeks, every other week, November - early February

Regular Share - $335

Partial Share - $225 

Payment and discount notes

 -Some payment is due upon registration. Either pay in full, or in two payments by choosing the "down payment" option which automatically calculates 50% of the total.  The second half of the payment is due by August 1st. 

 -Regular share: Full payment sign-ups before April 1st are eligible for a $20 discount, making the cost $595. Not available for regular season partial share memberships.

-During the Winter Season, you receive roughly TWO weeks worth of produce in a single delivery. 


Box Contents
Your CSA will include a wide variety of vegetables, with consistent staples like salad greens and cooking greens, onions and shallots, fruit and herbs, plus new vegetables for you to discover and enjoy. We’ve learned over the years that our members’ taste vary wildly- some love kale (like us farmers) while others don't, the same goes for pretty much every vegetable, except for perhaps blueberries. Thus, we try hard to keep it diverse while also providing more of the things people universally enjoy, like carrots!

Please go to the FAQ page for a list of all the vegetables and the frequency with which they appear in the share.

Delivery Times & Drop Site Locations

CSA shares are delivered to Salem on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Portland on Thursdays. Delivery times vary by location but our share generally drops in the 4:00-5:00 pm range with most drop sites having a 24 hour window for pick-up.


Salem, Downtown- ODA Building
Thursday, 4 pm - 7 pm

Located at the Oregon Department of Agriculture offices near the corner of Union and Summer.Please note that this year, the pick-up window has been narrowed to 3 hours- from 4-7 pm. You are able to pick up your share later, but will we not guarantee the share nor replace it.

Salem, South- Crestivew & Hansen
Wednesday 4:30 pm - Thursday, 4:30 pm

Located close to Candalaria school in South Salem

Salem, South- Minto Island Growers Farm Stand- TWO options this year
-Traditional pick-up
Wednesday 5 pm - Thursday, 9 pm

Located past Minto Park on Brown Island Rd S

-Market-style pick-up
Wednesday 5 pm -7 pm
Love the CSA but want to interact more with the farm and the farmers? Love getting a variety of fresh produce but find you waste certain items or need more tips on preparations? The market style option is for you!  Join the farm crew at the farm stand, pack your own share, chat about how your produce is grown and get tips on how to eat it. Enjoy a bit more choice by having a few more vegetables to choose between for your share. Take a walk around the farm with your family or just pack your share and go. We may even keep the Food Cart open and fire up the pizza oven to provide pies and a few vegetable dishes based on that week's CSA share. Stay for a quick meal, take a walk around the farm or take something home for dinner.  
Salem, SE- Pringle Creek
Wednesday 5 pm- Thursday, 5 pm

Located at Pringle Creek Community

Salem, West
Thursday, 5 pm - Friday, 5 pm

Located just off Orchard Heights Rd. on Snowbird Lane

Salem- Downtown, 16th Street
Thursday 5 pm- Friday, 5 pm

Located close to downtown on 16th street



OHSU Foundation Office- Open to OHSU office members only
Thursday, 4 pm - Friday 5 pm

Available to OHSU employees only 

OHSU Main Campus- Marquam Hill, MacKenzie Hall
Thursday, 4 pm - Friday 5 pm

Available to OHSU employees only

OHSU South Waterfront- Go By Bike, Bike Valet
Thursday, 3 pm - Friday, 7 pm

Go By Bike, Bike Valet trailer. The shares are available for pick up at or after 3:00 pm- 7 pm on Thursday, then again the next day Friday from 6 am-7 pm.  Intersection of Moody and Gibbs. 

South Waterfront Apartments- The Merriweather
Thursday, 3 pm - Friday, 7 pm
OHSU- Casey Eye Institute- Open to OHSU office members only
Thursday, 3 pm - Friday, 5 pm
3375 S.W. Terwilliger Blvd.

OHSU Market Square Building- Open to OHSU office members only
Thursday, 4 pm - Friday 5 pm

Available to OHSU employees only

Portland, NE 19th
Thursday, 5:30 pm - Friday, 7 pm

Located in NE Portland near 19th and Knott

Portland, NE 16th
Thursday, 5:30 pm - Friday, 7 pm

Located in NE Portland near 16th and Fremont

Portland, SE
Thursday, 5:30 pm - Friday, 9 pm

Located in SE Portland near 24th and Salmon  

Portland- SERA office space- Open to SERA office members only
Thursday, 3 pm - Friday, 5 pm


Delivery Dates

Main Season
CSA 1 June 4th/5th         CSA 9 July 30t/31st          CSA 17 Sept 24th/25th
CSA 2 June 11th/12th     CSA 10 Aug 7th/7th         CSA 18 Oct 1st/2nd
CSA 3 June 18th/19th     CSA 11 Aug 13th/14th     CSA 19 Oct 8th/9th
CSA 4 June 25th/26th     CSA 12 Aug 20th/21st      CSA 20 Oct 15th/16th
CSA 5 July 2nd/3rd          CSA 13 Aug 27th/28th      CSA 21 Oct 22nd/23rd
CSA 6 July 9th/10th        CSA 14 Sept 3rd/4th         CSA 22 Oct 29th/30th
CSA 7 July 16th/17th      CSA 15 Sept 10th/11th
CSA 8 July 23rd/24th      CSA 16 Sept 17th/18th  

Winter Season
W CSA 1 Thurs Nov 6th             W CSA 5 Thurs  Jan 8rd  (please note the 3 week gap due to NYE timing)
W CSA 2 Thurs Nov 20th           W CSA 6 Thurs Jan 22nd
W CSA 3 Thurs Dec 4th             W CSA 7 Thus Feb 5th
W CSA 4 Thurs Dec 18th

Vacation Credits
Two weeks of vacation credit is available, equivalent to the value of your share type for one week; credit must be redeemed during the 2014 calendar year. This year we are asking that members manage their own vacation holds by logging into their account and placing a hold on their share. We are also working on new ways to redeem credits through so that it's more efficient- look for updates before the season begins in June.

Trade Box
The trade box offers a bit more choice in the CSA process. Once vegetables become abundant on the farm, we begin packing trade boxes where you can trade one "item" for another "item" in the box- i.e. a bag of tomatoes for a bag of summer squash, a head of lettuce for a bunch of carrots. We are going to work hard this year to make the trade bin appear earlier.

Weekly Newsletter
Every week you will receive an electronic newsletter full of information about your produce, news from the farm, recipes and information about farm events.

Farm Events
Every fall we have a big end of the season CSA potluck, usually around the first week in October. This year we hope to add more impromptu CSA gatherings, possibly involving work parties, to provide more opportunities to get to know you and involve you in all the fun activities on the farm!