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Season Details

We are working hard on our 2018 CSA release! We ask for your patience while we switch online platforms to streamline our CSA management as well as add online purchasing options. We hope to release the registration by February 16th. If you are not already a CSA member and you would like to be added to our email list to be notified about main season registration, please e-mail

If you are registering for the new season, please note that although we have been serving both Portland and Salem for the past 10 years, we have chosen to focus on our Salem community and are removing our Portland dropsites for 2018. 

If you have any questions that are not answered on our FAQ page, please email

If you are interested in fresh, organic produce throughout the season and didn't get the opportunity to sign up for a CSA share, don't forget to check out our Farm Stand, and also our newest membership, the Farm Card Membership which offers a 10% discount. See more information on our Farm Card Membership Page.

Please click here to read our CSA program policies. 

Main Season Share- 22 weeks long, every week. June through the end of October. Full Share cost is $635 and Partial Share is $440. 

Winter Season Share- 7 weeks long, every other week. November through early February. Full share cost is $335 and Partial Share is $240. 

Payment Options

Some form of payment is due upon registration.  Either pay in full, or in two payments by choosing the "down payment" option.  The second half of the payment is due by August 1st. We accept EBT payments through the Salem Saturday Market!  Email us about this option and other flexible payment plans. 

Box     Contents

Your CSA share will include a wide variety of vegetables, with consistent staples like salad greens and cooking greens, onions and garlic herbs, plus new vegetables for you to discover and enjoy. Fruit is also a consistent staple, appearing in your shares most weeks- strawberries and blueberries from our farm, grapes and apples from farmer friends. We’ve learned over the years that our members’ taste vary wildly- some love kale (like us farmers) while others don't, the same goes for pretty much every vegetable, except for perhaps blueberries. Thus, we try hard to keep it diverse while also providing more of the things people universally enjoy, like carrots! 

Regular Share- For families of 2-5 that enjoy vegetables and cook often and/or for those who want to split the share with family, friends, or neighbors. Supplies all of the vegetable needs for a given week depending on your family size and cooking frequency. Regular shares receive between 8 and 12 different types of vegetables each week.

Partial Share- For families of 1-5 that want some vegetables, but may also garden or enjoy shopping at farmers markets or other produce outlets. Supplies all or most of the vegetable needs for a given week depending on your family size and cooking frequency. Partial shares receive between 7 and 10 different types of vegetables each week.

The partial share is roughly two-thirds the size of the regular share. It is not simply a regular share divided in half (or more accurately minus a third), but it's own individually crafted share meant to be a diverse yet balanced share. Because regular shares receive more items, they often get more fruit and more diversity over the entire season. Partial shares get nearly all the same items, but not necessarily on the same weeks (fruits and vegetables do not ripen uniformly), or in as much quantity (it is a smaller, lower priced share after all.) However, we try very hard to make each share full of the things people like the most- lots of blueberries, carrots, tomatoes and more. 

Please go to the FAQ page for a list of vegetables, the frequency with which they appear in the share and answers to other common questions.

Share Photos 

Delivery Info

CSA shares are delivered at regular times and days to locations in both Salem and Portland. For more information about exact dates, delivery times, and drop locations go to the FAQ page

Two vacation credits are available to CSA members during the Main season CSA, none are available during the Winter season. Members can use trade vouchers for bulk item purchases delivered to drop-sites, or at our Farm Stand or Salem Saturday Market booth. Vacation holds must be placed by Monday of the requested week in order to be eligible for trade credit. 

CSA Newsletter

Every week you will receive an electronic newsletter full of information about your produce, news from the farm, recipes and information about farm events.

Farm Events

CSA members are encouraged to explore the farm any time of year, but we have two events each season with vegetable tastings, wood fired pizza, and a farm tour. The first is mid to late summer and the second is the first weekend in October. This year we hope to add more impromptu CSA gatherings, possibly involving work parties, to provide more opportunities to get to know you and involve you in all the fun activities on the farm!