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what types of vegetables


What types of vegetables are in your CSA?

Participating in a CSA is all about experiencing the unique bounty that every season has to offer. Nothing in agriculture is guaranteed due to the complexity of factors such as weather, pests, soil and much more, but with seven plus years of experience under our feet, we have a good sense of what you can expect!

While the CSA is about trying new things and discovering new ways of enjoying familiar vegetables, we also want you to be able to rely on consistent favorites like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, and of course - fruit! When our strawberries and blueberries are kickin’- they go straight into your boxes first. We planted an apple orchard in 2014, but until the trees bear fruit, we purchase apple from farmer friends as well as other fruit like grapes and blackberries.

Go to the Share Photo page for some produce eye candy!

See below for an approximation of the frequency of different vegetables in your share.  Because the winter shares are delivered every other week, and the seasonal vegetables are more limited, certain vegetables appear more frequently during the winter season. 

Beets- 4-5 times/season. For winter season, almost every share. 

Beans, fresh- We grow a wide variety of beans such as green, yellow and sometimes purple and romano beans.  3-4 times per main season. 

Blueberries- every week late June-early August, 1-2 pints depending on share type.

Broccoli, Cauliflower & Cabbage (green, red, savoy and napa)- A "heading" brassica from this group appears nearly every week or every other week. Broccoli is the most frequent, cabbage more frequently during the winter season. 

Brussels Sprouts- The timing is tricky on getting large sprouts- we aim for one time for the main season/end of October. For the winter season, 2-3 times.

Carrots- about every 3-4 weeks- we LOVE carrots and grow them well. Almost every week during the winter season. 

Celery or celery root- Sept-Oct- 3-4 times. 3-4 times during the winter season.

Corn - Varies year to year- we aim for 2-4 times from August- October.

Cucumbers- Almost every week mid July-September. 

Eggplant- Every three to four weeks from August- mid October.

Kale and Swiss Chard- 6-8 times/year (these greens are incredibly nutritious!) For winter CSA, kale almost every share.

Kohlrabi- 2-4 times per season. 2-3 times for winter shares depending how storage kohlrabi goes.

Garlic- Every other week, or every 3 weeks from late June-the end of the season. Every year we try to cure and store garlic better, hopefully every week during the winter season. 

Herbs- Parsley, then dill, and cilantro plus plentiful basil from mid-late summer on. Rosemary, thyme, and sage sometimes too!  Roughly every other week, sometimes more.

Peas- 2-3 times during June and early July.

Potatoes- Every other week, lots of different varieties, July through end of season. Almost every week during the winter season. 

Lettuce or salad greens- Almost every week, less during the late summer and late fall.

Melons, muskmelon- This crop is tricky in our climate and with field critters. Hopefully at least once!

Onions, shallots, or leeks- An item from this group almost every week during the main and winter season. 

Spinach- 5-6 times per season.

Strawberries- Around 3 times during spring flush, 1-3 more times in mid to late summer. 

Tomatoes- Every week from mid July to mid October. We give cherry tomatoes, slicers and heirlooms.

Tomatillos- Varies year to year, we hope for at least once during the 2015 season.

Specialty greens (arugula, mustard greens, etc.)- 6-8 times (mostly spring and fall as they like cooler weather.)

Parsnips- A challenging crop for us! Hopefully, 1-2 times throughout the main and winter season.

Peppers- Every two or three weeks from mid to late August until mid October.

Radish- 3-4 times per year, always in the spring though flea beetle outbreaks hit this crop hard.

Summer squash- July-Sept- 5-6 times/season.

Turnips & Rutabagas- We differentiate between salad turnips which are more tender and better for fresh eating and cooking turnips & rutabagas, which are better cooked. Root crops in the brassica family are very prone to a pest that eats holes in the roots and our non-chemical pest control techniques aren't working as well. Depending on the pest pressure, 2-3 times total per main season, during winter season, cooking turnips 2-3 times. 

Winter Squash- every week to every other week end of Sept-October. Every week during the winter season.