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There is an incredible amount of information available to people who are interesting in pursuing farming, or just growing and enjoying Oregon’s local abundance in general. From publications, conferences, non-profits, websites- these are some of our favorites. 


Growing for Market-monthly publication and great website where you can access all past articles for a fee, find books and other resources for direct market farming.

ATTRA- National Sustainable Agriculture  Information Service- so many free, awesome publications and funded by taxpayer’s!

Oregon Tilth- find organic producers and find out about regional classes and events.

Organic Seed Alliance- learn about protecting regional organic seed production, resources for new organic seed growers.

OSU Small Farms Program- technical resources and news for  beginning and established small farmers run by OSU’s extension program; great quarterly publication available as pdf.

Edible Portland- publication focusing on regional food culture and local producers.

Slow Food Portland- straight from their website “Slow Food seeks to reconnect people with the food they eat and the cultures, community, and production behind it.” Any one interested in starting a Salem convivium?


High Mowing Seeds

Territorial Seed Company

Wild Garden Seeds

Uprising Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seed Company

Seed Saver’s Exchange

Fedco Seeds

Osbourne International Seed Company

Adaptive Seeds

Tools and Supplies

Grower’s Nursery Supply

OBC Northwest

Pro-Gro (soil mixes)

Market Farm Implement