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3394 Brown Island Rd S
Salem, OR, 97302
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Pick Your Own Strawberries

Pick Your Own Strawberries is CLOSED. $2.75/lb

Pick Your Own Blueberries

Pick Your Own Blueberries is CLOSED for the 2019 season.

Pick Your Own Raspberries

Pick Your Own Raspberries is CLOSED for the 2019 season.

Pick Your Own Tomatoes

Pick Your Own Tomatoes is CLOSED. Pastes, slicers, cherries, and heirlooms. $1.50/lb.

Pick Your Own Green Beans

Pick Your Own Green Beans is CLOSED. $2.00/lb


The History of Minto Blueberries

I was very fortunate to grow up experiencing the wonder of fresh blueberries every summer. My Grandpa Walt saw the opportunity for blueberry growing in Oregon and planted a beautiful 200 acre blueberry farm in the 1980's, which is adjacent to the land that MIG farms.


In 2012 we took over two acres of my grandparents original farm and transitioned it to organic production. The Early Blue variety is one of the first to ripen and thus great for the early blueberry season. The berries have not been sprayed nor treated with any chemical inputs for several years. The plants are mature and very easy to u-pick.

In 2009 we planted 5 acres of our own blueberries- 3 rows of the Reka variety, and the remainder and majority the Duke variety; our 5 acres is certified organic. Chris and I were mentored by the operators of my grandparent's farm, Phil Olson, and we've loved being able to provide organic blueberries to our CSA members and through u-pick. Managing any perennial crop organically is very challenging, mostly due to weed pressure, especially the prevalent blackberries and thistles. In 2013 we decided to cover the blueberry beds with ground cloth to help with weed control. We feel very fortunate to have these 5 acres of organic blueberries as the backbone of our farm and love sharing these tasty and nutritious berries with the community!