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Recipe Blog

We want to help you enjoy ALL of the diversity of produce that can be grown in the Willamette Valley and strongly believe that most everyone can enjoy most every vegetable by finding the right preparation!

Blueberry Jam

Jacob Bailey


  • Blueberries
  • Sugar
  • Candy or meat thermometer
  • Cooking scale


This recipe uses half the weight in sugar as in blueberries. For example, if you are using a pound of blueberries, then you would use half a pound of sugar.

Place the blueberries in a stainless steel saucepan, and turn the heat to medium. Stir occasionally. When the berries juicy, add the sugar and stir a lot to combine it. Turn up the heat and bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat to bring mixture to a low boil; partially cover. Let the jam simmer for about 20 minutes stirring occasionally. Careful when you stir so that the jam splatters don’t get you. When the temperature hits 220 F you have jam! Remove from heat and let cool a bit, then transfer to a clean pint jar.

Cooking tip: If you don’t have a thermometer handy, you can do the cold plate trick to see when the berries jell: after about 20 minutes place a small amount of boiling jelly on a plate, and put it in the freezer for a minute or so. If the mixture gels, it’s jam!