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3394 Brown Island Rd S
Salem, OR, 97302
United States


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Poplars have many uses and applications, from erosion control, to phytoremediation, to supplying forestry products and feedstock for bioenergy production.  We have had our hand in the research and cultivation of poplars for many years, building off of the work pioneered by Mt. Jefferson Farms.

We currently grow hybrid and native poplars alongside other woody species like willow, alder, and dogwood in high-density "stoolbeds" which provide cutting material for winter harvests.  Long "whips" or "poles" of dormant wood are harvested from our stoolbeds in January; from there, they are either sold whole or are cut into smaller sticks to be sold to private landowners or forestry companies as planting material.  These whips or cuttings, when stuck in the soil at the appropriate depth and season, will easily root and grow into new and healthy trees, providing for a cost-effective and reliable source for both large- and small-scale tree plantings.

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