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what is CSA


What is CSA and why should I participate?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it's a model that first began in Japan in the 1960's and was later adopted by farms all over the world. Farmers on the U.S. east coast began using the CSA model in the 80's. There is much debate about the definition of a CSA, and each farm has their own unique style of executing the model. But at its core, a CSA is about farmers and eaters entering into a relationship over food in a symbiotic manner than benefits both the farmer and the community of eaters. 

As farmers we not only have the opportunity to feed your family and build new relationships, but we are able to educate about our agricultural practices and processes.  We also benefit from financial support early in the season to help get our crops growing.

As eaters, you get access to fresher and more nutritious produce that is picked at its peak flavor with a carefully selected diversity. You will find freshly picked, seasonal produce to be full of flavor and a greater array of vegetables AND varieties adds health benefits to your diet and can make for more adventures in the kitchen.   Farm events, work parties and our newsletter full of farm news and notes about the produce provide opportunities to connect with your local food system and learn about new ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

The mechanics are simple- you as the member pay all or part of the cost of the season before it starts, then beginning in June, we begin delivering a weekly box of produce to various drop sites. The rest is in the details- see our CSA page for information on cost, duration, pick-up sites etc.