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Market style CSA


What is market-style CSA and why are you offering it?

Different farms have different definitions and reasoning for offering a market style CSA. Here is ours.....

The basics - more choice!
After several years of discussion, we added a market-style CSA option at the farm stand (traditional drop site options are still available).  A market-style CSA provides much greater flexibility and is designed for those members who want more choice in what goes into their share each week. Every Wednesday, an assortment of fruits and vegetables is set up, and members pack their own share with a combination of "fixed" and "choice" items. Having a group of fixed items allows a reasonable harvest list plus still gives you a push to try new things and eat more diversity. We are always flexible with fixed items: if you have an allergy, or just a strong dislike of a vegetable, you can trade it for another choice item.

The market style option provides a greater diversity of produce and flexibility than what is typically found in a traditional CSA share, with members being able to take what they love, and leave what they don't. Staples, like kale and carrots and abundant seasonal items, like tomatoes, will almost always be available as choices when in season.If there is a week that you're unable to come during the packing window, we can assemble your share for you if notified ahead of time

Connect with the farm and the community!
We at the farm want more opportunities to interact with our members, and we know some of you would like the same. Members of the farm crew and the farm owners Chris and Elizabeth, rotate every week to help pack your shares. We want to continue to build the "community" aspect of community supported agriculture by sharing how things are grown, giving tips on our favorite recipes, and providing the space for members to ask questions.  We find we still don't know many of our long-time members and often miss chances to connect with new members and when we do get to talk, it's always enriching. 

Maybe you want a chance to walk around the farm once a week, or take your kids to pick cherry tomatoes, which we never seem able to stay ahead of. We often have abundance on the farm, and thus are looking for more creative and flexible models to share it with you. 

Other benefits
Often, in July and August, our wood fired pizza oven is going during the market-style pick-up. It is a great way to get a quick dinner to take home, or enjoy a walk on the farm with your kids. 

If you are interested in this model, we encourage you to choose it as your primary drop site, knowing that you can change back to a traditional drop site location.