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How does a CSA work


How does the CSA work?

The mechanics of the CSA are pretty simple. The registration information is released around the end January of each year, and registration remains open until we reach our target number of shares, normally around May.  Often, registration re-opens after produce becomes more bountiful in July. The Winter CSA has far fewer shares offered, so we strongly recommend registering for this option by late August. 

When you register, you choose a share type (regular or partial), you choose to participate in the Main season (22 weeks, June-October) and/or the Winter season (7 weeks, every other week, November-early February). You also choose from several drops sites throughout Salem. At least half of the payment for the season is due within 30 days of registration, the second half of your balance is due by August 1st. 

Beginning the first week of June, we at the farm begin picking, packing, and delivering fresh produce to the drop sites- you as the member have a 24 hour window to pick up your produce.  Each box is packed with care taken to give you the most diversity of our best produce for you to enjoy.  If you are looking for more choice and diversity in your CSA share, try the Market-Style pick-up option at the Farm Stand, which is every Wednesday from 4-7 pm. With the help of the farm crew, you pack your own share, choosing from a group of fixed options and choice options.

Weekly pick-up reminders help you remember to pick up your share. Two total vacation credits are available where you get trade credit for the value of your share. Bulk orders are available during the season for credit redemption, or Salem residents may use vouchers at the Farm Stand or Salem Saturday Market.  Members must place vacation holds by Monday of the week in question in order to qualify for a credit. A weekly newsletter has farm news and produce tips with storage info and recipes. One to two farm events a year provide a great way to connect with your local agricultural system, get to know the farm crew and see how your produce is grown!