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3394 Brown Island Rd S
Salem, OR, 97302
United States


CSA fruits


Do you offer fruit in your CSA and what types?

We have five acres of blueberries that produce from late June/early July, through the beginning of August. During their production season you will receive blueberries each week, often more than 1 pint. We also produce a much smaller quantity of strawberries and raspberries and are still gaining knowledge in how best to grow these crops under organic management practices. The spring conditions often affect the availability and timing of these crops and some years they appear more frequently in the CSA than others.

Every season we u-pick and/or purchase fruit from a network of local farmers including peaches from Adair's Orchard in Albany, apples from from Queener Farm in Stayton and grapes from Bill and Karen of Farmers Table Grapes.

Not all the fruit we purchase is always certified organic. We do our best to source fruit responsibly that we don't grow, but like to include in shares. We look first for certified organic, second grown with organic methods but not certified, third if grown with some chemicals (peaches for instance are very hard to find organic), then the methods have to be sustainable and with an IPM (integrated pest management)/holistic practices.