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3394 Brown Island Rd S
Salem, OR, 97302
United States


Winter Special Orders

During the winter months at Minto Island Growers, you can become a part of our winter season CSA, or if one-time special orders are more convenient, we offer special orders delivered in the Salem area on Fridays.

If you are already a Winter CSA member, please scroll to the bottom for special instructions on utilizing your Farmigo account for making additional purchases and special orders.

Order Produce

Weekly special orders are now closed for the 2018/2019 season.

Next fall and winter, look forward to the opportunity to order staple greens and storage crops through the winter months.

The online store opens Saturdays, and is open until Thursdays at 3 pm. Home delivery is on Fridays by 5 pm and farm stand pick-up will be available from Fridays at 5 pm to Sundays at 5 pm. 

We also offer free home delivery (for special orders only) every Friday with an order over $25 if you live in the Salem-Keizer area. If you order falls under $25, it will automatically be placed at the Farm Stand.

Instructions for *WINTER* CSA Members

To place a special order as a current CSA member with a winter subscription, please log in to your Farmigo account and click on the green "Store" button near the top of the page. Members need to look in the Summary box, click Add next to the Subscription heading, choose the Member Special Orders share, choose the check payment option but not send anything (because it is $0), then they can access the store. After selecting your items, click "Cart" and then "Checkout." You will be prompted to pay upon checkout using PayPal or by mailing a check. Because of the way Farmigo handles dropsites for members, your store orders will be listed for delivery with your Thursday CSA, but it will not be delivered on Thursdays. We will provide home delivery on Tuesday (or Friday) to the home address saved under your Farmigo account information as long as you meet the order minimum of $25 and live in the Salem-Keizer area.