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What hapenned to the trade box


What happened to the trade box?

In past seasons we packed a "trade box" for each site so that members could trade items for others they prefer.  This option offered a bit more choice in the CSA process. In 2014 we decided to offer a market-style CSA option at our Farm Stand, one of the main reasons being to offer more choice in the CSA process in a way that was more effective.

The trade boxes presented many challenges: they were time consuming to pack, required a lot of extra produce (16 drop sites multiplied by 5-6 items for each), and when items were left, produce rotted and became stinky and messy. Plus members were often not following the correct procedure so that later trades were fair.

We have tried hard to evolve our CSA model over the years to meet many member needs: adding a second share type, keeping many drop sites in close proximity for convenience, allowing vacation credits with bulk item deliveries, and finally adding the market style option which requires a whole separate system, staffing etc. With the amount of complexity in our CSA, we felt the effort and cost of the trade bin was not worth the benefits combined with all these other options. Thank you for understanding!