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Seasonal Writings

 Reflections on the Season (sans photos unfortunately)

End of Main Season CSA, October 31st, 2019

Our whole team is quite proud to look back on such a successful year of seasonal eating and marvel at the bounty that has come from our little farm. Kelly, who led the way as our Harvest Manager and crew leader, shared some harvest numbers that put things into perspective. This year, our awesome crew, led by Kelly and including Justin, Kyle, Kacie, Leana, Katrina, and Cody (plus our berry crew Mari, Katrina and Rachel), harvested 3,142 pounds of tomatoes, 2,400 pints of strawberries, 2,968 pounds of cucumbers, 4,348 pounds of summer squash, 4,412 heads of lettuce, 2,450 bunches of carrots, and 770 pounds of spinach! While farms that direct-market to communities like ours are small in scale, the amount of food that is produced and consumed when fresh and perfectly in season by a group of eaters like you, is something significant and to be celebrated.

Kyle, our Field Production Manager, took a huge leap in management roles this year by acting as our head farmer and overseeing all field activities. Many of us on the farm were impressed and inspired as we watched his years of previous training coalesce into another level of capability in this new role. Kyles work was excellent, his positivity steady, and the crops were definitely a reflection of his growing prowess as a farmer.

Leana, our Farm Manger, took on new leadership roles in managing the perennial production and building her skill set on the tractor. Her dedication and perseverance on the blueberry plot in particular, led to some major strides in the long-term health of the plants, plus creating a management plan that will be achievable by the farm in the long-term. She and Cody worked closely on new fertility applications and methodology which we are excited to build on next year. Leana also expertly managed all the CSA logistics keeping things humming along smoothly each week.

Kelly continued to rock it this year in her role managing all of the in's and out's of CSA harvest and crew management, which can be a dizzying set of variables to contend with each week. She not only has to try and build shares that are well balanced in diversity and quantity, but also anticipate the arc of crop maturity and be sensitive to how harvests affect plant physiology. All the while figuring in market-style variables and overseeing a crew with a range of experience levels. Kelly is the bed-rock of the CSA and makes the biggest part of our farm run smoothly and results in beautiful shares that we are so very proud to offer.

Every year I am more and more hearted by the relationships we have formed with such an awesome CSA community, plus of course the new faces that are taking the leap to integrate seasonal food (continuous and sometimes unfamiliar seasonal food) into their homes each week. It's not easy to make wholesome meals a consistent part of our schedules with the current state of busy in our society, but for many of you it's a bedrock of your approach to health, to nurturing family, and a values based decision that leads you to support small farms like ours rather than choosing the grocery store. You all truly nurture us and we do our best to work our tails off to nurture you- a deep thank you to each and every one of our who experienced this season with our farm.

It's impossible to describe how hard our crew of farmers works to produce the food that we do, but I am always left feeling that words are a small match for the physicality and determination that our crew comes with each day. Beyond our core managers, the bedrock of the crew Kacie (who also expertly manages the tea project,) Justin who was also a bedrock of the crew and held the hard role of learning the work of farming from the ground-up this season, and Katrina, who took on even the burliest of tasks with so much force and focus that we all wanted her on our team. And last but not least Cody, who kept so much of the farm running smoothly with his great problem-solving skills, mechanical expertise, and willingness to do any weird but important job (and on the farm there are always many.) The 2019 MIG crew was one that will go down in history on this farm as one of the very best- thank you for growing fantastic food for all of us!