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partial share vs. regular share


Does the partial share receive the same items as the regular share? What is the difference between the two share types?

From the main CSA page: The partial share is roughly two-thirds the size of the regular share. It is not simply a regular share divided in half (or more accurately minus a third), but it's own individually crafted share meant to be a diverse yet balanced share. Because regular shares receive more items, they often get more fruit and more diversity over the entire season. Partial shares get nearly all the same items, but not necessarily on the same weeks (fruits and vegetables do not ripen uniformly), or in as much quantity (it is a smaller, lower priced share after all.) However, we try very hard to make each share full of the things people like the most- lots of blueberries, carrots, tomatoes and more. 

The partial shares receive 90% of the same items over the course of the season, but since it is a smaller, lower priced option, partial members members may not receive items in as much quantity or with as much frequency. Often, items will be received on different weeks, mostly due to crop maturity. Don't be discouraged if you see one share type get a item that you don't see in your box, often it will appear the next week or the week after. Broccoli and cauliflower for instance, matures over a 2-3 week window, in the first week of maturity, regulars will receive it, the second week most likely both shares as it peaks in abundance, then perhaps regulars again (we know people love broccoli.) 

Infrequently, we may grow a very small amount of a specialty item (like artichokes), or have a small amount of a crop, regulars will receive that item because there are fewer shares and because their box value is greater.