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how long to pick up


How long do I have to pick up my share at the drop site? Can I send a family or friend to pick-up? What if I cannot pick up my share or know I will be past the 24 hour pick-up window? What happens to my share?

We know that many of you lead busy lives and thus we like to structure our CSA to give you flexibility and help make the CSA process convenient and manageable. Most every site, with the exception of the Oregon Department of Agriculture site, has a 24 hour pick up window which lasts from the time the box is dropped to the same time a day later. For example: If your drop time is on Wednesday at 4:00 pm, your share will be untouched until Thursday at 4:00 pm.

If you communicate with your drop site coordinator that you need to pick up your share after this time, it will remain for you, but we discourage making this a habit. 

Family or friends retrieving your share is sometimes the best option. We only ask that they bring a reusable bag to pick up the produce and that you explain the pick up procedure to them before hand, including which bin to take produce from. 

It is OK to pick up your share after the 24 hour pick-up window, however we ask that you notify us or the drop site coordinator that you will not be picking up your share at a later time. The contact info for your drop site coordinator is in your CSA drop site details email that you received a week before the CSA starts. If we do not hear from you and the 24 hour window ends, the drop site coordinator has free reign over the produce.