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How do I pick up


How do I pick up my share?

Please see your CSA registration confirmation email for your specific delivery address and pick-up time- we choose to keep this information confidential.

In general, once your CSA is dropped off before or at the specific drop site, you have 24 hours to retrieve your share. If you are not able to retrieve your share but would still like access to it, please email your drop site coordinator and arrange a time for pick-up. If the 24 hour period has elapsed and you have not communicated with your drop site coordinator, the contents of your box are up for grabs!

Your first share will have your cotton tote bag contained inside the top of the bin. Please DO NOT take your plastic bin home. Transfer the contents of your bin to the cotton or other container. Cross your name off the cross-off sheet on the clipboard.

Additional bags for members who split shares are available in the blue bin which contains the clipboard and extra bags. In later weeks of the CSA, the blue bin will be stocked with extra bags, at times recycled brown paper and plastic bags.

Friends or family are allowed to pick up your share, but please be sure they are aware of the pick-up protocol and most importantly, which is the correct share type to retrieve.