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3394 Brown Island Rd S
Salem, OR, 97302
United States




Where are the drop site locations for the CSA?

Central Salem

ODA Building- Thurs. 4 pm - 7 pm- Located at the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture offices near the corner of Union and Summer. Please note that this year, the pick-up window has been narrowed to 3 hours- from 4-7 pm. You are able to pick up your share later, but will we not guarantee the share nor replace it.

16th Street- Thurs. 5 pm- Fri. 5 pm - Located close to downtown on 16th street.


South Salem

Crestview & Hansen- Wed. 4:30 pm & Thurs. 4:30 pm- Located close to Candalaria school in South Salem.

Minto Island Growers Farm Stand- Traditional pick-up, Wed. 5 pm & Thurs. 9 pm- Located past Minto Park on Brown Island Rd S.

Minto Island Growers Farm Stand- Market-style pick-up, Wed. 5 pm to 7 pm- Love the CSA but want to interact more with the farm and the farmers? Love getting a variety of fresh produce but find you waste certain items or need more tips on preparations? The market style option is for you!  Join the farm crew at the farm stand, pack your own share, chat about how your produce is grown and get tips on how to eat it. Enjoy a bit more choice by having a few more vegetables to choose between for your share. Take a walk around the farm with your family or just pack your share and go. We may even keep the Food Cart open and fire up the pizza oven to provide pies and a few vegetable dishes based on that week's CSA share. Stay for a quick meal, take a walk around the farm or take something home for dinner.  


South East Salem

Pringle Creek- Wed. 5 pm & Thurs. 5 pm- Located at Pringle Creek Community


West Salem

Orchard Heights- Thurs. 5 pm & Fri. 5 pm- Located at Orchard Heights Rd on Snowbird Lane. 



OHSU Foundation Office- Thurs. 4pm-5pm- Open to OHSU office members and employees only. 

OHSU Main Campus- Marquam Hill, MacKenzie Hall, Thurs. 4 pm - Friday 5 pm- Available to OHSU employees only.

OHSU South Waterfront- Go By Bike, Bike Valet, Thurs. 3 pm - Fri. 7 pm- Go By Bike, Bike Valet trailer. The shares are available for pick up at or after 3:00 pm- 7 pm on Thursday, then again the next day Friday from 6 am-7 pm.  Intersection of Moody and Gibbs. 

South Waterfront Apartments- The Merriweather, Thursday, 3 pm - Friday, 7 pm

OHSU Casey Eye Institute- Open to OHSU office members only, Thursday, 3 pm - Friday, 5 pm, 3375 S.W. Terwilliger Blvd.

OHSU Market Square Building- Open to OHSU office members only, Thursday, 4 pm - Friday 5 pm, Available to OHSU employees only

Portland, NE 19th- Thursday, 5:30 pm - Friday, 7 pm, Located in NE Portland near 19th and Knott

Portland, NE 16th- Thursday, 5:30 pm - Friday, 7 pm, Located in NE Portland near 16th and Fremont

Portland, SE 24th- Thursday, 5:30 pm - Friday, 9 pm, Located in SE Portland near 24th and Salmon  

Portland, SERA office space- Open to SERA office members only, Thursday, 3 pm - Friday, 5 pm